A Guide to Good Personal Hygiene

We live in a society where personal hygiene matters a lot. Personal hygiene is more than just about how you represent yourself to others it is about taking care of yourself and treating your body with the attention and care it deserves. Therefore you need to ensure that your habits help make your personal hygiene better and not put your health at risk. Here are the things you need to know.

Brush Your Teeth At Least Two Times A Day

You need to brush your teeth at least two times a day this means you need to brush in the morning and at night before you head to bed. Dental hygiene is very important to ensure that you avoid cavities or even worse having to remove some teeth entirely. Moreover, bad habits such as not brushing your teeth regularly can result in a myriad of problems from bad breath to even ulcers. Moreover as bad as brushing irregularly is, brushing too much might be even worse. Over-brushing can lead to damaging the enamel of your teeth and resulting in severe sensitivity problems and  even gum recession. Therefore book an appointment with an expert dentist in Mackay. You can find out about the current state of your teeth and change any habits that might be undesirable.

Shower Daily But Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Too Much

Your hair has  natural oils and shampooing too much can strip the oil away. This would mean your hair will end up brittle and frizzy while also being prone to breakage. This doesn’t mean you don’t shampoo at all rather you need to limit the shampooing to about once or twice a week. On the other days just run water through your hair while showering or use a shower cap to keep it from becoming dry. Another hair tip to improve hygiene is to use oils. Hair oil makes your hair more healthy and strong. So at least an hour before your shampoo  warm some oil and apply it to the roots of your hair. There are many hair oils on the market but you cannot go wrong with the classic coconut oil.

Wash Your Hands Before And After Your Meal

Something that many people actually forget to do is wash their hands before and after their meals. People are so used to picking up a fork and spoon they don’t realize that their  hands come into contact with food too. Either when you are picking up a chip or even your hamburger, your hands contact with food. Therefore you need to make sure that they are clean. A hand is the most germ prone part of your body. It comes into contact with all kinds of germs and bacteria.

When you open a door, when you shake someone’s hand when you touch the menu, the whole time your hand is getting bacteria on it. Now when you touch your food without washing your hands, all that bacteria will be on your food and  when you eat it, it will be in you. Therefore before you sit down for your meal take a trip to the sink and wash your hands with antibacterial handwash.

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