Creating a disability friendly home: a complete guide

A home should feel welcome to everyone who is family. If you have a family member who is disabled or if going through a physical condition due to old age where they will require special assistance, it is always best that you make the needed adjustments to your home so that you can make it be much more welcoming to them. Most of those who are differently abled have a hard time feeling like home at the house they live in.

One of the best changes that you can make to their life that will make them love each second that they spend in their home and will make their life so much better is to make the house disability friendly.

Focus on getting the needed equipment

To make your house the most welcoming to all the members of your family, depending on the type of the support that the person will be needing, the additions that you will have to make to your house differs. To find all the needed equipment for the right requirements, look for a reputed supplier of Disability Aids. Once you do, regardless of what kind of improvements that you have in mind to make, it will be easy because you will have the most needed component for it.

Even if you have doubts about the right equipment for your requirements, you can gain advice of the professionals providing this equipment.

Focus on the design

Depending on the kind of the difficulty that a person has, the type of the improvements that should be made to the house differs. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on the right design. One the best ways to enhance the usability and the functionality of the house for a disable person or people is to go ahead with the universal design. In this design, all the needed features will be present that will make a home or an even a commercial building easy to be used by any person.

The bathroom

One of the most importance spaces of your house that you need to priorities is the bathroom. Most those who have physical trouble will have trouble when using the bathroom. Therefore, it is always best to have bathroom that is spacious. The recommended width of the entrance is 60 inches and having a spacious floor will make it much easier for those on a wheelchair to comfortably use the bathroom.

Modify the stairs of the house

One of the most difficult challenges to tackle in a house for someone with a difficulty is the stairs. To make climbing up and down the stars much easier, you can make additions to it such as hand rails. If not, you can even install a small lift to your home that will make the life of everyone easier and surely, the person who makes use of this will certainly feel a lot like home with all these changes made to his or her home.

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