Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Workplace injuries are not uncommon regardless of what kind of work. There is always the possibility of getting oneself injured. Although the injuries sustained in various types of work settings are different it is nonetheless preventable.

Often these injuries are overlooked as most consider it as not so serious and not enough attention is paid to it as most would regard it casually as an occupational hazard. The fact that certain jobs comes with their own risk may be true but that doesn’t mean they are not preventable or the chances may be reduced if only substantial attention was paid to it by taking the necessary precaution and action.

Slips and Falls

Trips and fall contribute to one of the major occupational health consultant concern in a work setting. These kinds of injuries can have various implications on health ranging from twisting one’s ankle to breaking ones back depending on the force and place of impact. The most common reasons being wet or oily floors, rugs that slip easily, unkempt wire cords.

These injuries can be prevented if the necessary steps were taken, if the surface is wet or oily make sure you clean or have it cleaned promptly cluttered thing can also contribute to tripping and falling so have your workplace uncluttered keeping the things stored properly or kept it to a side so it doesn’t disturb people walking.

Fix proper lighting another important factor when it comes to preventing falls as poor lighting makes it difficult to see therefore higher accidents, another commonplace of falls is on the stairs, keep the stairways well lighted, fix handrails on the stairs If there isn’t any, if you have placed rugs at the top or bottom of the stairs make sure you place slip free rugs. If you have stairs outside which are exposed to rain its best not to have tiled stairs and get it lined with material that are slip free.

Place proper signs in places that require caution, and when cleaning put up signage to demarcate that area so people don’t tread in there.

Getting Caught in Moving Machinery

These kinds of injuries are seen in the factory, in construction site or handling of farm equipment. Not having proper safety guards covering the equipment or not donning the required wear can have detrimental effects.

Getting caught in this dangerous equipment can result in unimaginable consequences of having severed fingers, crushed limbs and etc. which is why it is important to follow the safety protocol and have protective gears when working with the equipment have safety guard covering the machine and proper training on how to handle the machines.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

One might think what injuries can a person sitting in front of a computer can sustain, actually there are many it may not be fatal but it can seriously restrict the person’s ability to do things. Repetitive work with no break sitting in front of a computer can cause neck pain, eye strain, arthritis, back pain. Some other conditions they can suffer are carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries. These can be prevented by having the work place designed ergonomically.

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