Opting for Clear Teeth Aligners: Pros and Cons

People with crooked teeth now have the option to not have the uncomfortable and painful metal braces. Adults who did not have the opportunity to get their crooked teeth straightened when they were younger might be embarrassed to get the metal braces now.

Fortunately, clear teeth aligners became the revolutionary and innovative development in dental care. The hard plastic aligners that are fitted for the patient’s mouth are removable and replaced over the course of treatment to accommodate the changes in the alignment of your teeth.

Of course, even if this sounds to be the answer to your dental problem, there are still cons which you should know beforehand to make sure this treatment is the best for you.


More comfortable

Wire brackets and metal braces often scratch the inside of the patient’s mouth. They often complain about the nicks and cuts in their mouth, no matter how careful they are, the sharp edges of the metal braces still hurt them. This is the obvious edge clear teeth aligners have over the traditional means to straightened crooked teeth.

More subtle

Adults with crooked teeth are flustered to get their teeth fixed because they don’t want to be seen in public donning metal braces. But since the more advanced teeth aligners are more subtle, not all could notice that you are even wearing them.

When you wear them, you could smile freely and you would not feel self-conscious. With this, even the adults who want to hide the fact that they are undergoing treatment of straightening their teeth prefer this dental care. If you opt for this orthodontic treatment Invisalign Brisbane has numerous dental clinics that specialize in treating your crooked teeth.

More convenient

Since these clear teeth aligners could be removed, they are more convenient when eating, brushing and flossing. Brushing teeth with metal braces requires that you use products that the orthodontist recommends since some products would damage the metallic braces. Unlike using removable aligners, you could still use the dental products that you are used to. You would also not have any awkward instances of having food stuck in your metal braces.


More expensive

This orthodontic treatment is not covered by dental insurance and if you are on a tight budget, this could not be an option for you since you are expected to shell out as high as $8,000.00.

More self-discipline is required

Since clear teeth aligners could be removed, more self-discipline is required from the patient. There would be instances when the patient could forget to wear them or chose not to especially if going on a date or an important event. When the clear teeth aligner is not worn regularly, the progress of the teeth alignment would be delayed.

No matter what you have decided, the good thing is that you are thinking about your dental health and how you could improve. Talk to your orthodontist about it and listen and heed their professional advice. Once you have settled on the orthodontic treatment, follow the prescribed care and do your part to maximize the treatment’s result.

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