Wisdom Teeth- What Everyone Should Know

We have known and heard that each individual has 32 teeth. Except for the wisdom teeth, the rest have erupted in an individual by the age of thirteen.

What is a wisdom tooth?

The final and the third set of morals an individual gets in their late teens or in the early twenties are called the wisdom tooth. These teeth are a valuable asset for healthy oral maintenance. Though, it is only possible when these teeth are properly aligned on the gums. However, in most cases, the teeth erupt in an abrupt position. Meaning, it is misaligned; therefore, it is necessary to remove it.

What happens when the wisdom tooth erupts wrongly?

Hence, when it is positioned wrongly, it can cause damages to the jawbone, nerves, adjoining teeth, or gum problems. Thus, even if it has erupted a little, it can cause room for bacterial growth and infections.

Besides that, it can also lead to unbearable pain, tooth decay, and gum illnesses. Moreover, when the tooth is not properly erupted, it can also cause difficulties in chewing, brushing, and even lead to tongue cuts.

How to know whether the wisdom tooth will come out correctly?

Hence, to find this out, you should visit the dentist. The doctors will take an X-ray of your mouth. Thus, it will show the alignment of the tooth. Hence, if the teeth are not arranged in the right manner. Then, the dentist may recommend wisdom tooth removal cost Brisbane or wherever you live. The prices will differ from one case to another. 

Perhaps, your dentist attends to the problem even before it has arisen, which can further lead to bigger problems. Thus, it is done prior to prevent the painful and complicated removal that may be done once the tooth has erupted.

According to studies, the removal of wisdom teeth is much easier in the younger kids, where the tooth is not developed fully. Where else, the older people may undergo a severe recovery and healing process, lasting for a longer period.

What to do after the extraction of a wisdom tooth?

Once the tooth is removed, the recovery process begins immediately. However, the healing depends on how complex it was to extract the tooth. Below mentioned are certain conditions one must expect from a removal of a wisdom tooth.

What to expect from the removal of wisdom teeth?

  • Bleeding 

One may experience hours of bleeding from the removal spot. Therefore, a clean moist dressing should be placed on the area and, one should bite down and apply pressure for about 45 minutes.

  • Facial Swellings

Swelling usually occurs in the area from where the tooth was extracted. Thus, to reduce the swollen region, one should place ice wrapped in cloth, for 10 minutes. Repeat this process with 20 minutes break intervals.

  • Food limitation

The most interference comes in chewing. One cannot chew foods for a couple of days. Therefore, one must switch to a liquid diet for the first few days. However, gradually, once the pain lessens, start eating soft foods.

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