A List of Necessary Nutrient Intake During Your Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you not only have to tend for yourself, but also the baby inside of you. Therefore, staying healthy in terms of exercising and taking in the appropriate nutrients is an absolute must. Eating a varied diet will boost your intake of the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Alongside your diet you are also going to need a set of supplements too which can be taken under doctors’ recommendations.

Unlike many common vitamins, prenatal vitamins tend to have more nutrients to help support and boost your pregnancy and the health of your child. You also need to keep in mind that not all food is healthy for pregnancy nor will some feel appetizing to you and that is completely normal. So here are a list of vitamins and minerals you’re going to need through your pregnancy journey.


Iron is a type of mineral that is of utmost importance to your haemoglobin. This is due to the fact that your haemoglobin aids in the process of carrying oxygen from your lungs to your body. In order to provide your baby with the necessary oxygen that helps boost the production of their own blood, you cannot miss out on taking in iron either through fresh food such as green veggies, raisins, dried fruits, lean meat, poultry, cereal, etc. and or even opting to buy fertility supplements.


There are various ways to consume calcium and one of the most common and encourage one is through the help of dairy products such as milk as it is rich in calcium. This specific nutrient helps in boosting the growth of your baby’s bones, teeth, muscles and even the development of its nerves.

You could also intake calcium with orange juice by also ensuring that there is not added artificial flavours to it. Not providing ample calcium to your body weaken your bones as the baby take off the only calcium available in you for its own developing purposes. This can later result in health issues for you.

Folic Acid

Another important nutrient that you simply cannot go without during your pregnancy is the folic acid. This is a type of Vitamin B that your body is going to require during your stages of pregnancy. It is one of the greatest ways to avoid the possibility of birth defect including NTDs. While the recommended amount of folic acid for any pregnant women is 600mcg, it is still always advisable to check with your doctor first and take in the given amount.

Vitamin C

In order to help keeps your cells healthy, Vitamin C is the recommended nutrient for you. The best part of vitamin C is the fact that it is available in a variety or fruits and vegetables, making it easier to consume on a day-to-day basis with a fruit of vegetable of your choice such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc.

Keep in mind that Vitamin A is often never an advised nutrient for pregnancy.

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