Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

You’ve learned since school that physical activity is vital but how often do you practice it? With your busy lifestyle, running from home to work and back home dead tired so you straight away fall into bed. This monotonous lifestyle is not only harmful physically, but mentally too. So if you need some motivation to get up and do some workouts, then here some benefits of it to get you going.

Exercise Controls Weight

With all the junk food available nowadays, obesity is a growing problem, especially in young children. Exercise increases the metabolism rate and burns more calories, helping you maintain your weight at a consistent level. If you can’t find time to go to the gym every day, simply take a jog in the park or climb some fleets of stairs. Any physical activity that lasts 30 minutes will give you the average daily exercise you need.

Reduces Health Conditions And Disease

Regular exercise will help reduce cardiovascular disease since it boosts the ‘good’ cholesterol and keeps the blood flowing smoothly. Exercise also decreases the risk of strokes, high blood pressure, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and even mental diseases such as anxiety and depression. So grab Villin athleisure wear and head to the gym for a healthier and disease free life.

Improves Mood And Boosts Energy

Hitting the gym after a tiring day can really boost your mood and energy levels. The increased blood flow that delivers more oxygen to the muscles and the activation of brain chemicals make you happier and energetic than usual. You will feel less stressed, rather, exercise will clear your head so if you had some problem at work, you might be able to think straight and come up with a clever solution. Also, exercise gets you in shape and feeling good about your appearance will boost your confidence and self-esteem. If you felt tired climbing just one floor, exercise will now get you up 5 floors as it strengthens the lungs, heart, bones and muscles.

Promotes Better Sleep

In simple words, exercise makes you tired and you’ll fall asleep as soon as you get into bed. When you exercise, you deplete energy and this depleted energy will be regained during your sleep and this is done well when you are in deep sleep. Also, the increase in temperature during exercise and the drop after exercise will promote better sleep as per numerous researches. However, be mindful to not exercise too close to bedtime since this could boost your energy and keep you up all night.

Improve Memory

The increased heart rate encourages blood flow to your brain which provides more oxygen that helps for the better functioning of the brain. Exercise also triggers the hormones that promote the creation of brain cells. Hence, your memory and processing will be improved. It has been proven that students who engage in sports are better at academics than the students who do not do any sport. So get your kids to join you too, and also the elderly as they have a risk of Alzheimer’s.

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