Common Skin Problems in Adults to Watch Out For

Adulthood brings on nothing short of life’s greatest complications and sometimes your own body won’t even cut you some slack. Given the stress and greater exposure to external substances, adults are often more vulnerable to skin conditions. It can be tiresome to keep track of but if ignored they can lead to serious complications or unbearable pain. So here are some common skin problems you’ll want to keep an eye out for:


This is a rash of small raised dots that usually show up around the groin or behind and tend to develop into painful blisters (please note, they are typically found in these areas but are capable of forming anywhere). The rash itself can last for two weeks at most, but do not attempt to wait this period out as the itchiness and pain might be too intense and can continue for longer. There are several creams and drugs that can help ease this condition.


You’ve probably heard of someone’s skin breaking out in hives. They take the form of large welts and can be quite itchy. It’s usually a common allergic reaction but can also come about due to extreme temperatures or infections.


This is a chronic skin condition that takes the form of red patches of skin, covered by white scales. They usually form on the back, around the neck, head and elbows. They are caused by the immune system growing cells far too quickly and causing a buildup. Doctors can give medication to manage the symptoms but as of yet there is nothing to actually cure the disease for good.


Eczema is a common umbrella term for various non-contagious conditions that causes inflamed, dry, red and itchy skin. They could be caused due to certain allergens, disinfectants, and even climates. This commonly appears on the hands and elbows.


Rosacea is first marked by the tendency to flush easily, bringing about redness to the nose, cheek, chin and forehead. Over time, they get redder and the skin will get much thicker, with bumps and pus-filled pimples forming. Doctors often use laser treatment to see the broken blood vessels and thickened skin.

Cold sores

Cold sores are contagious and painful little devils that form blisters on the mouth or nose. They can be brought on by overexposure to the sun, stress or even hormonal changes. They can be treated, however, with ointment and prescription pills.

Skin Cancer

Affecting nearly 2 in 3 Australians, skin cancer is fast becoming one of the deadliest cancers across the world. It’s primarily brought on by overexposure to the sun and takes the form of distinct patches spreading across the skin. Due to its growing reach, all adults are advised to have regular check-ups. So visit The Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic for more information and to make yourself an appointment.

These are the most common skin conditions to watch out for. Remember to watch how much time you spend in the sun, and keep yourself protected with sunscreen at all times.

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