How To Choose An Emergency Dentist

Imagine this, you are enjoying a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner when you accidentally bit on a turkey bone and you felt a surging pain. You know that your dentist is on holiday in the Bahamas and you know that you would not be able to wait for them to come back from the trip because the pain is killing you. What do you do if you don’t have an emergency dentist to call?

An emergency dentist is different than your regular dentist. Your regular dentist might not be able to respond to emergencies beyond their clinic hours. So, having an emergency dentist on time of crises is actually a wise decision. But, how do you go about into choosing one?

Consider The Accessibility

The first thing you have to consider is how accessible the emergency dentist would be in times of in dire need. It wouldn’t be a logical decision to have an emergency dentist that is two hours away from you. By the time you reach them, the emergency is no longer an emergency. If the dentist is also near you and you live alone, you could just reach them by foot or via public transportation if the pain is too much for you to bear and it is safer if you don’t drive yourself to the clinic.

Ask For Recommendations

Friends, family, and colleagues who got their life together and are proper adults would, of course, have their own emergency dentist. Instead of searching online for an emergency dentist near me, ask for recommendations first from people you trust. Chances are, they have already experienced the services of an emergency dentist and they could give you a positive and glowing review of their dentist or a suggestion to ask someone else. You could also ask your regular dentist if they could refer you to a colleague who could assist and help you during emergencies.

Take Into Account The Dentist’s Credentials

When looking for an emergency dentist who would help with your dental problems, you would want someone who studied for it and is continually interested and actively learning the latest trends and developments when it comes to dental health. Years of experience are also a factor since this will tell you that they have experienced countless dental emergencies that whatever disaster you are currently experiencing, they know how to handle it.


This might seem ironic but emergency dentists are not available 24/7 all the time. Yes, they would respond to off the clinic hours’ emergencies but you are not the only one with an emergency. If they are that reliable and they are that accessible, of course they would receive numerous businesses from those who are also suffering from a dental emergency. The best thing for you to do is to have another back up in case you would not be accommodated by your preferred and chosen emergency dentist.

An emergency dentist should be reliable, even more so than your regular dentist since they are the ones you would call unexpectedly and during complicated situations. You would need someone who could always respond when you have a dental problem and is someone adept in handling urgent and tense situations.

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