How to Start Losing Belly Fat

Another shiny new year is just around the corner, so it’s time to make a resolution to lose at least some of the excess belly fat you are carrying around. Belly fat is linked to increased risk for cardiovascular disease among other health problems. So sooner you get rid of that excess fat, the better it would be for you. Here are several tips to start:

Reduce Calorie Intake

Your body deposits extra calories from food as fat when you don’t use them. So the secret to genuinely losing belly fat is just physics. No matter what you do, you won’t lose weight unless you spend nearly all the energy that you consume. That means you should eat fewer calories than before, so that the body doesn’t end up storing excess fat.

Not to worry; this doesn’t actually involve extreme starving.  It simply boils down to eating less sugar and more fibre-rich food that’s less energy dense than what you are used to.

Commit Yourself to an Exercise Program

Exercise plays a huge role in shedding those extra pounds. The right amount of exercise is necessary to build muscle and get rid of extra stored fat. Therefore, you need to commit yourself to an exercise routine early on.

Consider getting yourself treadmills Australia and New Zealand to run, power walk or jog directly in your apartment. You don’t necessarily need machines for exercise either. However, a treadmill can be quite useful is getting cardio exercises.

Eat Good Fat

While we talk about losing weight and eating fewer calories, keep in mind that not all fats are made equal. Your body metabolizes some fats different from others. For example, the body may store trans-fat calories from a fast food meal, while “good” fat like salmon oil might be slowly metabolised and discarded.

Try to avoid bad “fats” in your meal that are mainly sourced from non-organic sources. Instead, aim for a hearty meal with natural oils and fibres derived from plant sources.

Replace Synthetic Products in Meals with Organic Alternatives

Synthetic chemicals in excessively processed food will do your body no good. In addition to making you fat, these foods may actually kill bacteria in your gut, making you vulnerable to disease. So eat as natural foods as much as possible. Avoid artificial additives, especially fats and salts.

Give Up Meat

Recent studies have linked red meat to obesity and heart disease. That’s one major reason to give up red meat in your diet. You can occasionally eat meat, but try to reduce the amount you consume. Instead of animal derivatives, try to get your protein mainly from plant based sources, like chick peas.  Besides, giving up meat is good for the plant as well.

To genuinely lose weight, get moving and eat better. Reduce the amount of time you stay seated each day and substitute activities that allow you to get moving. Like advised before, start an exercise routine. To truly lost belly fat, you need to eat better and also move more. Use the suggestions here to start your journey towards a much healthier lifestyle.

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