Importance of A Hand Washing Unit

A hand washing unit is important when it comes to hygiene and in the current situation of the world, proper hand hygiene is being encouraged since it is a very effective wat to limit infection control spreading. Health care associated infections and the constant increasing of the risk and severity of passing on diseases, infections and viruses, health care practitioners are being adamant in going back to the basics, constant and appropriate way of washing hands.

During a pandemic, everyone is mandated to do the basic and simple measure when it comes to hand hygiene to limit cross transmission of infection and doing our part is important to flatten the curve. This is why setting up numerous hand washing units is necessary.

A hand washing unit is a legal obligation

For establishments such as hospitals or other medical related institutions and businesses that handle food, a hand washing unit is a legal obligation. Governing authorities would inspect these establishments and if there are no facilities for hand hygiene, it could result to suspension, costly legal issues, revoking of operational licenses or even foreclosure of the business.

A hand washing unit especially for businesses that handle food, faucet, sink and soap is not adequate. A hand washing facility must have hot and cold water and there should be resources for cleaning and drying hands. Gel and alcohol sanitizers are not sufficient but they could be as an addition to the existing hand hygiene amenities.

A hand washing unit is necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy

When you have a hand washing unit accessible and installed in prominent places, it encourages hand washing more frequently. People that work for you, visitors, guests, customers and patients would also remember to wash their hands when they pass by hand cleaning stations that you have set up. When people’s hands are clean, they are less likely to transfer any infections or viruses.

A hand washing unit could keep your place clean

A hand washing unit is not only used to wash our hands since sanitizers, alcohol and other cleaning and sanitizing agents are also available in these units. These cleaning agents could be used to keep the place clean. Wiping down tables and chairs, computers, telephones and other shared resources and equipment with an alcohol or other cleaning agent could keep them clean and would limit the danger of it being the carrier of harmful bacteria. When there are cleaning agents readily available, it is easier to keep commonly used equipment clean.

A hand washing unit could actually save you money

When your office or establishment is clean, there is a lesser chance that your employees would get sick and when they are not sick, they get their tasks done. And if your business is handling food, your clients would not get sick from your food and you could avoid paying for their hospital bills and lawsuits.

Hand washing is so important that October 15 is declared as Global Hand washing Day. This is done to increase awareness and to encourage people into going back and doing the basics of hand hygiene.

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