Tea Blends That Are Ideal for Summer

There is something about ice tea that hits the spot. Even if you are not usually a tea drinker or do not prefer hot tea, ice tea somehow tastes different and usually better. It can be brought down to its flavouring and use of fruits. Ice tea can be made of many kinds of fruits and herbs. It does contain quite a bit of sugar but that can be changed depending on your preference.

However just like drinks such as lemonade and soda ice tea can be incredibly easy to make. All it needs is a flavoured tea bag, sugar, boiling water and fruits for taste and garnish. It is probably one of the best summer drinks as it is cold and refreshing. Regardless of if you are an ice tea addict or just want to try it for fun here are some super easy ice tea blends and recipes that you can try at home.

Blackberry and mint iced tea

The best thing about ice tea is that there is no limit to having it. Since all it consists of is a tea bag and water you can even have 6 glasses during the day and not feel bad at all. You can find the range of summer teas like blackberry and mint which are easy to make. A mason jar is recommended when making teas as too much water can sometimes make the tea watery.

All you need to do is put at least 2 to 3 blackberry tea bags depending on how strong you want the flavour to be. Brew the tea bags for a few minutes in boiling water until you see the colour flow through the jar. Add sugar according to your choice, however a tip the sweetness of the sugar should not overpower the tea flavour sometimes it is nice to drink it when it is slightly tangy. Once it is cold cut up the mint leaves and stir it in just before serving.

Peach and Ginger iced tea

For this particular blend you might be able to get a peach flavoured tea bag but usually it is just ginger with other herbs. Either way this works, brew the ginger tea bag and add some sugar as this can be sour for some. Add the peaches just before serving but let it be in long enough so that the peach flavour has time to get soaked in to the tea.

Basil and Lemon iced tea

Basil is one of those herbs that work in almost all foods and drinks. The taste is just out of this world and works wonders even in tea. Lemon tea bags are easy to find as it is quite a common flavour. Just like previously all you need to do is add the basil before serving. Since the leaf rolls make sure the leaves are green and do not have black edges as it can look displeasing. Add sliced lemons for garnish.

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